Monday, May 03, 2010

Double Dee

Dragging home a (size) 54 DD on a early sunday morning, isn't something you would normally be very proud of. For most people it would be more than a "handful". But this sunday I had no shame what so ever, driving home with a nearly sixty year old in the back. Of course we are talking Barndoor, and Double Dee is the term for the double door model, with loading access on both sides. It has lived a rugged life as a lumberjacks shed in the forest, and some chainsaw parts and tools could be found in the van when cleaning it out. And I must admit the exitement of examining a new "object", is some of the funniest thing I do as a VW nut. What's there, and what's missing? Is this uasable, or is it lost to mother nature. I have not had the oportunity of going through the whole car yet, so I have an unopened gift waiting for me. The BD is a december 54 double door panel van (21E), with "accessory" rear corner windows, supposedly a norwegian car, used by a local butcher in the countryside. It's put to rest on the shelf for now =)

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Tistlo said...

Grattttulera me 21E!