Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mantorp swap

As no trip was planned to Germany this summer, the possibility to score some BD parts seemed quite limited. But Bug Run in Sweden has always had a good swap meet for VW parts, so a visit there were planned. With no big expectations, there were actually some BD parts lying around suitable for my project. Some "leftovers" of tail lights, nobs and bits were some of the things I brought home. This will be enough to recreate some nice PATINATED taillights, perfect for a patinated car. I also scored a set of NOS roof supports for split bus, helpful to get the roof back to shape. You can have different oppinions on how the watercooled cars have taken over Bug Run, but the swap market is still aircooled territory, and the most attractive of it's kind in Scandinavia. My zwitter was filled with parts, and headed back after a great weekend on Mantorp raceway. Met a lot of the Barndoor guys from sweden, and it was cool to hear about their projects. Many of their projects has already been covered on my blog =)

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